St. Junipero Serra


The location of the grave of Junipero Serra is discovered, now enclosed within a mission shrine in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. It is seen being honored several days after Serra was canonized by the Catholic Church by Pope Francis in 2015.

One of Junipero's slogans, "Always forward, never back," emphasizes his missionary zeal to spread the gospel. 


St. Methodius of Constantinople

St. Methodius (different than the Methodius who shares a feast with St. Cyril) was a patriarch of Constantinople who sided against the iconoclasts and so is among the many who fought to continue to adorn places of worship with sacred art and icons. 

In later centuries, some Protestant reformers adopted positions similar to the iconoclasts of old, banning or severely limiting the use of sacred icons or art in churches. Islam and Judaism also prohibit the use of icons and images in worship. 

The Catholic church, deeply sacramental in nature, has embraced the proper use of sacred images and icons as a means of fostering our communion with God and the power of the intercession of the saints.


St. Anthony of Padua

StA modern facial reconstruction of St. Anthony based on his skull.

While he is certainly not the image on generations of holy cards and carved in so many statues, the artist has certainly captured a joyful and peacefully spiritual countenance. This is perhaps fitting for a saint who has enjoyed such popularity among the faithful.

Our Lady Help Of Christians

The Knights of Columbus have commissioned an icon of Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians. She is shown holding the child Jesus with faithful from around the world seeking protection under her maternal mantle. The feast of Our Lady Help of Christians itself was promulgated by Pope Pius VII after his release from imprisonment following Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.

So many Christians, including Catholics around the world are being persecuted for their faith at peril of their lives. Priests, religious and lay faithful are martyred with barely a notice in the mainstream media. American Catholics are being ridiculed for our beliefs, which are seen by some as disqualifying for juridical or public office. 

Mary's protection is still urgently sought to help inspire Christians to speak out against oppression and defend religious liberty around the world.

Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians by KofC


St. Rita of Cascia - Now THAT'S A Statue

RitaPope Francis blessed a statue of St. Rita in St. Peter's Square on its way to the place where her relics are held. 

St. Rita is the patron saint of hopeless causes and those with headaches. She married at a young age, was a mother of twins, a widow (her husband was murdered), both sons died and she became a religious. She bore her trials with equanimity and remained close to Christ.

St. Bernadine of Siena

San_Bernardino_(El_Greco)St. Bernadine was apparently short of stature, so I thought he might appreciate this portrait by El Greco, who never painted anyone short in stature!

St. Bernadine traveled Europe preaching street retreats and refused three bishoprics to continue his itinerant mission. 

He developed the well-known "IHS" (the first three letters of "Jesus" in Greek) insignia, promoted popular devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, baptized many converts and despite a fiery preaching style worked for peace and compromise between warring factions.


St. Giulia Salzano

Giulia dedicated her entire life to teaching the faith to children and founded the Catechetical Sisters of the Sacred Heart to further that goal. She died the morning after meeting with 100 students preparing for their First Holy Communion.

Pray for our First Communicants and their families who will receive the inestimable grace of the Eucharist tomorrow.


St. Brendan the Navigator

St. Brendan appears as a young boy in our church's windows of St. Ita, who was one of his most influential teachers. He was friends with two other Holy Cross Window Saints, St. Bridget and St. Columba. His efforts to spread the gospel were not limited to monastic settlements nearby, but extended to foundations planted during his missionary expeditions. 

According to one Irish legend, he celebrated mass on a remote island which, unbeknownst to him, was the back of a large sea creature.

 May our admiration of his courage inspire us to be unashamed of our Christian discipleship.

Engraving at Australian Maritime Museum of St. Brendan celebrating Mass on the back of whale.

A Beatification From Bayonne

SisterSister Miriam Teresa Demjanovich, a native of Bayonne, New Jersey was declared a blessed by Pope Francis. The official ceremony was held in the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark on October 4, 2014 and  was the first beatification to take place on American soil. Sister Miriam served in the community of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth in Convent Station, New Jersey. After entering religious life at the age of 24, she died only two years later. Her life of prayer and dedication to God inspired many prayers for her intercession after her death. The many favors supplicants received apparently hastened her cause for beatification. The church verified miracle for her beatification was the healing of a young boy's blindness from macular degeneration.


Sts. Philip and James

Each of these saints is mentioned in readings for today's mass. Since St. James is often depicted holding a club as the instrument of his martyrdom, his patronage has been invoked by fullers and pharmacists, both groups which use club-like instruments in their profession: fullers to flatten wool and cloth and pharmacists to grind and compound medications. 

StJamesSaint James on the main facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

(Does it look a little like a golf club to anyone?)

PharmHealing herbs and emollients from a pharmacist.

St. Athanasius

I liked this battered icon of St. Athanasius and though I fixed up the cracks and dents in its halo, I left the poor saint battered as I imagine he would have been from his multiple exiles for teaching the truth about the Son of God. May St. Athanasius give us courage to embrace the true faith.




Saint Vincent Ferrer

I did a bit of reminiscing today, since St. Vincent Ferrer in Brooklyn  was my home parish growing up and the grammar school I attended. In searching for an image of St. Vincent, I discovered that my old parish has two great photos on their webpage.

StAs I recall, the mosaic is mounted above the main door to the "new school" which was opened in 1967.

St Vincent was a Dominican priest who preached during a turbulent time in the Church when there were three claimants to the papacy and the church was still trying to reconcile the Great Schism with the Eastern churches. None of the controversy diminished his apostolic zeal and he converted great numbers of people and gained a reputation for being a healer and miracle worker.


St. Darerca - Sister of St. Patrick, Mother of Saints

Saint Darerca

St. Darerca is said to be the second most popular female saint in Ireland after St. Bridget. She was sister to St. Patrick and had 19 children, many of whom became bishops and saints themselves. She and her children helped St. Patrick evangelize Ireland. They could have made their own congregation!

Not many other specifics are known for certain about her life. I've shown her here with a shamrock on her cowl for each of her children, holding wedding bands for her motherhood and an Irish cross for her evangelizing role with her brother. 

St John Nepomucene

JohnSt. John Nepomucene Statue and Memorial on the Charles River Bridge in Prague.

St. John Nepomucene was martyred on the orders of King Wencelaus IV for refusing to divulge the sins of his wife, the queen confessed in the Sacrament of Confession. He was imprisoned, tortured, burned then thrown affixed to a wheel to drown in the Charles River.

The bridge holds a memorial to St. John, including the spot from which he is said to have been thrown. Touching or rubbing his effigy on the plaque is said to bring good luck, or a guaranteed return visit to Prague. A dog, a sign of loyalty, is also featured in one of the memorial plaques and it too has been burnished by well wishers and luck seekers.

The Seal of the Sacrament of Confession has generally been respected by our nation's laws but due to the recent scandals in the church, is now under attack at the moment in New York State. Please pray we have the wisdom to deal effectively with child abuse without attacking the seal of the confessional.

Bridge Memorial
The site where St. John was thrown from the bridge.

DogA loyal hound burnished with affection.

World Day of the Sick

LourdesThe World Day of the Sick coincides with the feast of our Lady of Lourdes, emphasizing the importance of prayer for the sick in the gathered communities of the healthy. It is important not to exclude the sick, many of whom may be out of sight, but they should never be out of mind. 

The site of the apparition in Lourdes is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in the world and a place of miraculous healings ever since Bernadette reported her visions.

Saint Josephine Bahkita, Patron Saint Against Human-Trafficking


JosephineSaint Josephine Bahkita was kidnapped into the Turkish slave markets and eventually brought to Italy where she was freed and entered the convent. As she began to speak about her past life, a story of torture and mistreatment emerged though she never harbored feelings of hatred in her heart toward those who violated her human dignity.

She was canonized by Pope John Paul II as an example of  forgiveness and reconciliation and a modern icon against human trafficking - any activity which commodifies human life.

ArtLogo Martyrs

St. Paul Miki and Companions were 26 Christians martyred for the Christian faith in the sixteenth century in a wave of Japanese isolationism and just before expulsion of all Christian missionaries. 

They were a group of all ages, including elderly and children. Their courage in witnessing to the faith and their mutual support of each other on the way to martyrdom are examples for all time.