Parish Life

St. Francis Blessing of the Animals Holy Cross Rumson 2019

CollageBeautiful weather this morning brought out a great group of pets for the St. Francis Blessing. Besides canines and felines of all ages, shapes and sizes, we had a snail, a hamster, and two turtles!

I think the smallest to largest would be the snail to the Mastiff!

All God's creatures great and small! (click on the images to enlarge and enjoy)


Patriotic Colors Bloom In Time For Memorial Day

It was a difficult to get the three colors of blooms in the same frame, since the red Knockouts only opened this morning, but there were just enough to squeeze together: Red Knockouts, White Rugosa and Blue Nepeta for Memorial Day.

Join us tomorrow in the Memorial Day Parade as Holy Cross marches or cheer us on from along the line of march. 

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Blooms for Memorial Day

Dragonflies by the Dozens


Dragonflies are voracious carnivores, but luckily not for people, as there have been more than I can count around the campus, especially in front of the rectory and the church gardens. The blooming nepeta always attract a lot of pollinators, but it must be the wet weather that has really given the dragonfly population a boost this year. 

They eat mosquitoes and other pests and are supposed to be harbingers of spiritual growth. 

Palm Sunday Procession 2019


TwoIt was really quite foggy at the ocean this morning, but at least for a moment or two, the sun burned off the haze and we were able to process across the bridge from Seabright to Rumson in the sunshine. Since Easter is late this year, it wasn't freezing cold as it has been in the past. 

This was our biggest crowd of parishioners ever! I thank you all for coming out to witness our faith in public on the joyful feast of Palm Sunday. 


Because You Are Worth It

Most of our 8th graders attended a conference this morning given by Pam Stenzel about the Catholic virtue of chastity. A timely and necessary topic for any age, but especially now when so many of our values are disregarded by so many. Some of our students are shown after the conference asking the presenter questions and giving feedback.

The conference was hosted by the Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. 


Consider Becoming An Annulment Advocate

Catholic-annulmentsConsider Becoming An Annulment Advocate

Classes will begin for the 2019 Annulment Advocate Course in September, but it’s not too soon to consider application for enrollment. Annulment Advocates are trained and deputed by the Diocese of Trenton to help those who wish to obtain a church annulment to file their petition with the Diocesan Tribunal. After recommendation by Fr. Manning and acceptance by the Diocese, candidates will attend classes to understand the grounds for annulling a marriage and the rights and duties of annulment advocates. Advocates generally assist our own parishioners or those from nearby parishes and meet in Holy Cross Parish Center.

The classes will be held beginning in September on Thursday evenings from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Pastoral Center in Lawrenceville. The formation course is 16 weeks long.

Over the years, several annulment advocates have been commissioned for Holy Cross. If you are interested in performing this valuable service of mercy and justice for those seeking annulments and permission to remarry in the Catholic Church, please call Fr. Manning or Lori LaPlante in the Parish Office.

(Church annulments may only be applied for after a civil divorce has been granted. It is an official  statement by the church that the proper requirements for either canonical documents or the disposition of mind and heart required for unconditional consent by both parties were not present when the wedding vows were exchanged.)

Nature's Patterns and Rootie Kazootie

PatternsI became fascinated by the patterns of icy slush on the driveway this morning on my way to mass. Polka dot pavement everywhere. 

Well, for anyone who remembers Rootie Kazootie, Polka Dottie, Galapoochie Pup and Poison Zanzaboo, this picture may bring back some memories. One of Rootie's escapades as a detective was discovering who had stolen all the polka dots in town. Of course the culprit turned out to be Poison Zanzaboo, who was apprehended by Rootie's Dalmatian. This illustration shows Zanzaboo's bag of purloined polka dots being spilled all over town - even in rectory driveways sixty years later!


Historic Photos in Sea Bright


A photo from the time of construction of the "new" bridge over the Shrewsbury River showing Sea Bright below and Rumson above. The Prentice Mansion and Holy Cross Church can be seen on Ward Avenue and Rumson Road in the upper right corner of the picture. 

Holy CrossAn enlargement from the photo showing Holy Cross Church, the old rectory, the Parish Hall behind the church and the Carriage House.