Plenary Indulgence World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

From Bishop O'Connell:

The Holy Father has extended the opportunity for a plenary indulgence ”to grandparents, elderly and all the faithful” who participate this weekend in World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly and “to the faithful who devote adequate time to visit, in presence or virtually, through the media, their elderly brothers and sisters in need or in difficulty.” The indulgence also applies to those who cannot leave home due to illness or other age-related incapacity but who participate spiritually. The usual conditions for receiving the plenary indulgence apply: sacramental confession, Holy Communion and prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father.

Pray for Our Country

The moral conflicts that permeate our public policy debates are endless and irresolvable because our culture no longer has a rational, mutually accepted way of getting to moral agreement. The answer of the liberal state (including our own) to these stubborn disputes is to remove morality to the private sphere. But that course of government is itself a value judgment, a morally loaded act disguised as neutrality. All law and all public policy embody someone’s idea of what we ought to do, including the notion that we “ought” to keep personal moral beliefs out of public debates.

Chaput, Archbishop (retired) Charles J.;Strangers in a Strange Land

Heightened Security This Weekend

In light of the Supreme Court's welcome reversal of Roe v. Wade, but due to threats of violence, at Bishop O'Connell's suggestion there will heightened security on hand for the masses this weekend.

The church will be closed except for masses. Please keep an eye on church property whenever you are passing by, and call police for any suspicious activity, even for something as relatively trivial as skateboarders on the school steps. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with keeping our church and it's property safe.

New Landscape Berm Planted


The landscape was expertly planted by Monmouth County yesterday who did an efficient and professional job. The berm is meant to offer some protection to the school from traffic noise and vehicles, which will be passing closer to the school than before when the bridge construction is completed.