Organ Donation

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Today as we pray about the mystical Body of Christ and His Real Presence among us and in the Eucharist, let us consider the spiritual and corporal blessings of human organ donation. The presence of a living portion of us abiding in another and giving them life and health is a spiritual consolation only living organ donors can savor, but a spiritual reality all Catholics who ponder the meaning of Jesus' salvific dwelling with us can appreciate.

Blood and blood components, bone marrow, kidney and in some cases portions of liver can be donated to those in need of them. For some of these donations the risk to the healthy donor is minimal, for others more significant. 

After death, many vital organs can be useful and life saving for others. Tissue donation, however,  is a bit more complicated and to some extent has become overly commercialized, in my opinion, for example by cosmetic companies who manufacture human based material. Donors may use to explore the use to which their tissues may be put. 

Permission for vital organ donation in the case of traumatic death is available for licensed drivers. Health care proxies and advanced directives can also specify organ donations of various kinds.