Bring Your Marriage Into the Catholic Church

As we celebrate World Marriage Day and St. Valentine's Day our thoughts turn to love, marriage and family. 

It's a perfect time to consider bringing your marriage into the Catholic Church if you have not been married by a Catholic priest or deacon. The process is not complicated and depending on whether or not prior marriage(s) need to be annulled, can be relatively quick.

Inviting Jesus Christ into your marriage brings abundant grace, enables the couple to celebrate Eucharist, accompany any children with the sacraments of initiation and above all to bring the love of Christ into the marriage. 

There are brochures explaining the process at the entry of the church and online by clicking through to the Diocesan webpage. If you'd like to explore the process further, call the parish office or speak with Fr. Manning or one of our pastoral associates.  You'll be glad you did!

Bringing Your Marriage Into the Church brochure