Holy Cross Academy

St. John Chrysostom

Chrysostemos_FrederikskirkenWhat a perfect day for the first Mass of the new school year with all our students of Holy Cross Academy!

Thanks to all our students, faculty and parishioners for singing what has become a kind of de facto parish song, Lift High the Cross, especially a cappella. Even though you all sang so well, we are thankful that our new Music Director will arrive on Monday.

St. John Chrysostom was famous not only for his holiness, but his truthfulness and at the same time for his "golden mouth." 

Quite something for all of us to consider as we begin the school year - that we should have "golden mouths" and that like another famous preacher of the period, we should have "honey speech."

That means not taking God's name in vain on the playground or in the classroom and not calling names or saything things meant to hurt people or their reputations. In the modern age, that also has to include the same rules for all our social media accounts, all our tweets, instagrams, facebook posts, emails ---every way we give our words and speech electronic wings!



Holy Cross School Becomes Holy Cross Academy

Fr. Manning and Dr. DeMareo with the permission of Bishop O'Connell announced today that Holy Cross School will become Holy Cross Academy!  The faculty were informed at a meeting this afternoon at the same time a notification letter was sent to the parents via email.

The name change signifies innovative curricular changes and strategic planning for the next generations along with continued emphasis on Catholic character formation. The school will continue to be owned and operated by Holy Cross parish and an integral part of the Diocese of Trenton school system. Watch for future announcements!