First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion

It is my most earnest wish to consider those children who yearn for First Communion, so we have planned a selection of choices to permit them to receive this life-giving sacrament as soon as possible. The children were always so excited and could hardly wait whenever I discussed the Eucharist with them in class. The times demand we surrender some of our ideas about what a perfect First Communion should look like, especially those which have little to do with the spiritual importance of the sacrament. My personal belief is that things will not be “back to normal” for a long time. It is certainly futile to plan for “normal” reception of the sacraments before the end of this liturgical year, the First Sunday of Advent, the date established by our bishop as the deadline for reception of the 2020 sacraments.

Participating in the group celebrations is, of course, entirely voluntary. We are planning the ceremonies to be beautiful and safe, according to the careful guidelines of the diocese which will be in effect during the latter part of June.

If coming into church isn’t within your comfort zone, listening on speakers, social distancing and receiving Holy Communion in car or outside in the prayer garden on that day is also a possibility.

We have already begun the high-volume beach traffic weekends - not a good time for parish sacramental celebrations, which is one reason we’d like to complete these celebrations before the end of June and during the week. There is also the possibility that restrictions on church and outdoor assemblies may become more stringent as time passes, even impossible again.

Families can certainly postpone the celebration of this important event and plan to receive Eucharist during any regular mass - Sunday or weekday. Reservations  need to be taken and the same limitations on number of family members in a pew will apply at a parish mass as for the June ceremonies. Outdoor, prayer garden communion for individual families who attended mass by listening to that mass via loudspeaker or watched it streaming is also feasible.

We're trying to be as flexible as possible, yet get the Holy Eucharist to our children as quickly as possible.


Glorious Day of First Communions

What a beautiful day we were gifted with for First Communions! The cool, crisp wind seemed to keep cloud covers away and both the morning and afternoon ceremonies were perfect picture weather. 

The children were so reverent and sang the mass parts so well, it was a pleasure to invite them into the sanctuary for the Eucharistic Prayer. 

Of course, it's also a pleasure to welcome them for their Second Communions on Sunday with the regular Sunday mass community. 

Congratulations to their parents, godparents and teachers for preparing them so well. May they begin a lifelong relationship with Christ, The Good Shepherd through frequent prayer and communion.



Day of Grace and Joy

Many blessings to our First  Communicants and their families. How wonderful it is to be able to receive the Body and Blood of Christ to be nourished and encouraged on the path of Christian discipleship.

The weather was a bit turbulent, but the rain held off until shortly after the last ceremony. It looked like most people were able to get to their cars without getting soaked in the rain. 

Thank you to all those who prepared the children so well for this special day - our parish staff, especially Mrs. Kabash and Mrs. George and the second grade teaching staff of both our school and our Religious Education program.  Mr. Beluzzi, our principal, was beaming as spiritual grandfather to so many of our school's second graders. The most important preparation of all is done by the parents. Let us pray that they are inspired with resolve and perseverance in the handing on of the Catholic faith.

Let us pray for a continued reverence and joy for the Eucharist whether we celebrate it at a sickbed, in a gym or a brand new church. 

First Holy Communions To Be Celebrated This Saturday

Celebrate_christian_187929How exciting to be in the final week before the celebration of our First Holy Communions this coming Saturday. One of my favorite privileges as a priest is to be able to introduce children to Jesus in the Eucharist for the very first time. The day is always a joyful one for the entire family, sometimes including great grandparents!

Pray for our first communicants that this day begins a lifelong love of Eucharist and strengthening with the Body and Blood of Christ.