Faith In Our Future

Faith in Our Future: Recommended Plan

Bishop O'Connell is to receive the full and final recommendations from the Diocesan Planning Commission today. As you know, this plan outlines the future plans for restructuring and reinvigorating our diocese. It has tackled the very thorny issue of what exactly it means to be a "parish." 

Its recommendations will be studied by Bishop O'Connell and after prayer and consultation with his advisers and the priests of the diocese, he will announce his final decisions early in the new year.


Parish Evaluation Survey for "Faith in Our Future"

As you may know, the Diocese of Trenton has begun a study  process to plan both a short term and long term strategy for allocation of church resources. Faced with the declining number of priests and parishes which are already in debt or running financial deficits, facilities to repair and maintain and changing demographics, some difficult decisions will have to be made to effectively serve the local church.

Our Parish Core Team has developed this questionnaire to help in the data collection process in which they are engaged for reporting to the diocese and neighboring parishes. A cohort of parishes has been designated for our area to include: Holy Cross, Precious Blood, Nativity, St. Anthony and St. James.

The team has been hard at work compiling an accurate parish profile and in March will begin to meet with the core teams from our cohort parishes to share the data and begin discussions on what kind of collaborative efforts can be undertaken in this region.

If you a registered parishioner of Holy Cross, please take our survey to help in the evaluation process.

Thank you.




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