Emergency Notifications

Mass and Travel On Sunday January 8th

Bishop O'Connell has not issued a diocesan wide dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday mass this weekend since as of 8 PM Saturday only a winter storm watch remains in effect.

The storm is predicted to move offshore later this evening and so it should be safe enough to venture out tomorrow. Be prudent in deciding whether to drive or walk outside.

If it's still accumulating or drifting, he has allowed pastors to grant dispensation depending on the local circumstances. 

Stay tuned, otherwise stay warm and I'll see you tomorrow!


Parish Center Phones Out Due to Lightning Strike

B4_lightningThat was quite a powerful thunder and lightning storm which blew over the church around dinnertime tonight!

There were really high winds and some lightning strikes quite close by to the church and school. I'm amazed no tree limbs are down on campus.

We only lost power temporarily, but the phone lines to the campus are out. No definitive promises from Verizon when communications can be re-established. 

Our email system can be reached from our outside server, so for the moment, email is the best way to reach school or parish personnel.