Construction Project

Masonry Work To Begin Tomorrow At Church

00200024154Tomorrow work is scheduled to begin on repairing the cracks in the concrete walkways around the church. 

The cracks were caused by the need to move heavy equipment after they had been poured, both as a matter of poor staging of the construction job and insufficient protection for the walkways over which the machinery traversed.

The parge coat around the base of the exterior foundation masonry wall will also be completed, including some work to repoint the original brickwork on the Ward Avenue facade. 


Double Rainbow After The Rain

Double rainbow at Holy Cross

Holy Cross Church has closed out the construction contract in non-binding mediation (a required prelude in our contract to either binding arbitration or litigation). The settlement provides that Holy Cross pay out the balance of the contract less sufficient money to complete what the construction manager had not yet done and correct deficiencies.

Quite soon, you should see shoe molding installed throughout the building and around the columns to hide the gap between the floor tiles and the walls. The main entry doors will also be either adjusted or replaced. They must open smoothly from right or left doors and insulate from drafts and precipitation. As a fitting commentary on the agreement reached on Tuesday, one of the exterior doors partially dropped off its hinges and wouldn't close at all over the weekend.

Jesus' admonition to settle with your opponent before taking things to court merits prayer, even if it's not always practical. Justice can be expensive and isn't guaranteed in this life anyway.

Meantime the church building has deftly handled the congregations at Christmas, Easter, confirmation, graduation and First Communions without a hitch. Thanks for being patient and supportive. Deo gratias!



Main Stairway Modifications Complete

Workers completed the modifications to the main entry stairs yesterday and they should be traffic worthy by the weekend masses. The bluestone steps were extended to eliminate the cut-outs on the middle stairway originally designed for a diagonal handrail arrangement.

The lantern lamps on the main stairway have also been raised to their appropriate level which sheds more light on all of the steps. 

We're working to increase the brightness of the exterior lights to make the church as beautiful and safe as possible.


Barrier Free Doors

All barrier free doors are located on the North side of Holy Cross Church. A sloped ramp leads to the doors in the exonarthex and the narthex (the gathering space and baptismal font) and a ramp also leads to the door in the north transept (opposite the St. Michael Window). Passengers may also be dropped off at this door. 

Parking for four (4) handicapped access vans and autos is available in the courtyard alongside the rectory accessed from Ward Avenue.

Parishioners who can walk but not cope with stairs well, can also walk from any of the parking spaces nearest to these north doors for easier access to the church. 

Parking Diagram
Nearby parking spaces are shown in yellow. Handicapped access spaces as indicated. Three barrier free doors are yellow dots. Orange access ramps as shown.

More And More Like Church

No ladder now

Grow grass, grow.


Sanctuary Lamps are now in place.


Thermal window behind altar admits beautiful golden light.


People give a sense of scale to the sanctuary.


We've never had hymnals before.


A bench and kneelers for the altar servers.


Votive candle stand safely stowed in the confessional until after communion at the dedication.


Not a cloud in the sky.


Hymnal Bookplates Affixed

Thanks to the crew of volunteers who affixed the Memorial Donor Bookplates to our new hymnals this morning. They made quick and careful work of approximately 500 hymnals, which are being temporarily stored in the rectory.

There are still many hymnal bookplates available for memorial designation and a donation for one helps defray the costs of the hymnals.




A Perfect Gift For Christmas

Donate a paver brick in Holy Cross Prayer Garden in memory of a deceased loved one, in esteem of someone living, in thanksgiving for favors and graces received or in prayer for present and future parishioners, family and friends.

The prayer garden pavers will line the path to the Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary on the southwest corner of the garden. The statue is a hand carved, 6 foot high statue of Italian marble being crafted in Italy by experienced artisans. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the prayer garden will not only include beautiful plantings and the Marian statue, but a custom-designed garden fountain, and a specially comissioned sculpture of "Jesus Calming the Storms."

Upon request, a certificate note card acknowledging the gift will be sent to the donor, in case they wish to send it in time for Christmas giving. Certificates can be personalized and mailed if purchased before December 17th and available for in-person pick up in the parish office between December 17th and December 22nd. 

Pavers can be ordered online or by completing a form available at our masses or in the Parish Office. Click on the garden path in the blog's sidebar.

Thank you for being part of our parish project and helping complete this beautiful space.


Back to Building

The barrel vault steel beams will arrive soon and the ceiling will be insulated and closed.
Stairs and handicapped access ramp from courtyard parking. We've taken the leap of faith that we will be able to afford it and have installed the snow melt system.


The cinderblock elevator tower has been sheathed in plywood and will be shingled to match the church


Form for concrete pad at transformer


Main Entry Stairs At Southwest narthex. We have also upgraded these stairs from poured concrete to blue stone.


It will be quite a grand entrance when the entryway is complete


Stairway on the South east transept. The niche for the statue of Mary is on the left foreground


Outside stairway to the basement


Almost half the church has drywall installed now

I'm Living Right Next Door to An Angel

Here's some progress on the statue niche on the outside of the North transept on Ward Avenue. Behind the niche, is the confessional, which is gradually now becoming walled in as workers complete the sheathing on the niche.

North exterior niche


North niche interior wall in confessional


Major ductwork and air handling units. The plumbing for the potable water is now being installed.


Excavation for the porch, stairs and belvedere at the South main entry


There will be more of a grade to the church than is now seen


The future stairway to the basement


The plaza approach and entryway to the church take shape

Steel Arrives for Statue Niches

Workers began fitting the steel to the three statue niches on the church, two on Ward Avenue and one on the South transept facing the Prayer Garden.

Here's a very rough approximation of their appearance with images of statues.

A 6 foot high marble statue of Mary will be in the niche on the prayer garden side.


The two niches on Ward Avenue will be filled with angels. Here is a diagram of one possibility for the North transept niche

We are gratefully accepting donations for the two angel statues on Ward Avenue.


All Stained Glass Windows Subscribed

100Thank you to all our generous donors who have donated every stained glass window in the new church...something which seemed, like the church, only a dream months ago.

Many of the windows from St. Francis are already restored and reconfigured and all of the newly fabricated windows are in various stages of production.

Thank you, thank you!

Don't be disappointed if you were thinking about a window but didn't pledge, there are many, many noble gifts available for the church and we still need everyone's support to complete the project in a beautiful and fiscally sound way.

Please pick up a brochure from the Parish Office or call for more information. Watch your mail and email for a September mailing as a final invitation to make a pledge before our winter church dedication.