Christmas Mass Schedule

Correggio_004Tuesday, December 24, 2013

3:00pm-4:00pm-Mass-Fr. Manning-gym

4:30pm-5:30pm-Mass-Fr. Manning-gym

6:00 pm - Mass - Fr. McGowan - gym

10:30pm-11:30pm-Christmas Caroling-gym

11:00pm-12:00pm-Mass-Fr. Manning-gym


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10:30pm-11:30pm-Mass-Fr. Manning-gym

12:00pm-1:00pm-Mass-Fr. Manning-gym


Christmas Show a Success

What a wonderful Christmas concert the school children of Holy Cross School put on for their parents and families this evening. Everyone was festively dressed for the Christmas season and it was good to see so many grandparents and family members. Mr. Heim and our teachers did a great job leading the children and are to be congratulated and thanked for making a great contribution to the Christmas spirit at Holy Cross.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Christmas break with dismissal at noon. Most of the classes are having class parties and festivities from arrival to dismissal.


Please Be Courteous When Parking for the Christmas Show Tonight

Please ask visitors and guests to park only in properly designated spaces and especially to observe the NO PARKING rules on the East side of Ward Avenue.

More than our parking at Christmas masses, which is now diffused over several mass times, haphazard parking at the Christmas show can cause damage to our lawn and our neighbor's lawns.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, please be courteous to our neighbors and each other when coming to tonight's concert.

Thank you.


New Evergreen Tree Comes to Holy Cross for Christmas

Thanks to John Habeck of Shady Tree Landscape in Long Branch not only for the gift of a living evergreen tree for the campus at Holy Cross, but the offer to have it decorated for the Christmas season! What a perfect gift for the whole parish to enjoy. Check out his website and ask about the other properties he has decorated for Christmas.

The tree will be located in front of Holy Cross School on Rumson Road somewhere near the flagpole and the Rumson Road entry door.

We can't wait!




Site Being Prepared for Christmas Manger and Tree

A place alongside the Carriage House has been saved for the Christmas Nativity Scene and you may have already noticed the strings of colored LED lights hanging from the nearby lightpost. Franciso and Susan with some help from our construction workers who fabricated a large, circular anchoring base of rebar have come up with a worthy substitute for our living evergreen trees. Our Christmas tree for the last several years is now gone, and the one remaining evergreen of any size is temporarily off limits.

There also looks to be enough room for our usual collection of Christmas animals to join us for the Stations of the Creche and the Christmas tree lighting - donkey, sheep, goats!


Christmas Mass Schedule


Be sure to check the Christmas mass schedules on the parish website or in the bulletin for the locations and times of the Christmas masses. The schedule is similar to last year's. This will be the last year for masses in Holy Cross Church as presently configured. 

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the Stations of the Creche and the refreshments in the gymatorium afterward. Even the fog and the rain could not dampen our longing for Jesus' coming.

Christmas 2011

Many thanks from myself and our entire parish staff for the many cards, prayers and gifts we have received over the Christmas season. 

We celebrated a beautiful, spirit-filled Christmas and not only was our mass attendance great, but so was the attendance at our Advent prayer services, wreath making and retreat.

Stations of the creche 2011 008
 Of course, Joseph and Mary and our "pony-impersonating-a-donkey"

led the way through the Stations of the Creche. 

Stations of the creche 2011 004

We did actually have a donkey this year, though he did not do any of the heavy lifting. I think he is animal who has learned that Baby Jesus sleeps on the best straw in the manger - and the donkey knows just how to get it! 

Stations of the Creche 2011 047 (1)

We did have quite a gathering of God's creatures. It is surprising how eager for attention (and food) the goats are; a few of them really do seem to enjoy butting you when you least expect it. I thought that happened only in black and white cartoons!

Stations of the creche 2011 018
The real reason for the season. We gather as God's family in a busy, commericialized and increasingly secularized month, to give thanks for the coming of Christ among us, praise God with hymns and inspired songs, place the infant Jesus in the manger, light our tree and pause for some refreshments. Now we were ready for Christmas.

Have a Blessed and Grace-filled Christmas Season.