Christmas 2018 Holy Cross Church Rumson

What a wonderful Christmas it was with near perfect weather and the congregations joyful and prayerful. It was great seeing so many young people home from college with their families. And so many families with young children.

Thank you to all our parish staff, choirs, Altar Rosary Society and Liturgical Ministers who helped us welcome so many people with ease and grace. We certainly had an amazing number of parishioners and visitors over the Christmas holiday.

Here are some uncrowded photos of our worship space this Christmas.


Gifts Galore from "Stars for Jesus" Donations

It looks like Santa's Sleigh might have landed on Holy Cross' lawn for a few moments, but no, the generous gifts donated by parishioners and friends of Holy Cross to anonymous recipients were collected awaiting pick-up by the several agencies which participated in our Stars For Jesus annual Christmas gift drive.

Over six hundred gifts were donated, including sixteen brand new bicycles, clothing, toys, gift cards and others. 

Thank you to the organizers of the event for their energy and enthusiasm and to all those who took the time select a star, shop and wrap the gift.

May God bless your generosity and multiply the spirit of good will at Christmas.


Don't Miss Thursday Evening's Advent Prayer Service and Christmas Tree Lighting

A Christmas Tree of the Past

Join us tonight at 7 PM for the festive formal beginning of the Christmas season at Holy Cross.

Gather in the church for song, a Scripture reading and reflection, followed by the lighting of our Christmas tree on Ward Avenue and the blessing of the Manger at the pergola.

Every year the sheep and other live animals create extra interest for our younger children.

Enjoy hot chocolate and other refreshing goodies in our gymatorium immediately after the blessings.

(We'll adapt to the weather conditions if necessary and not spend too long in blustery winds or really cold temperatures.


Christmas Creche Caper

Last evening three fashionably dressed young ladies decided to have some fun with Holy Cross' Christmas Creche at approximately 11:20 PM.

After taking multiple selfies, they took the Christmas crib and substituted another, only to leave the crib on Rumson Road in front of the school. So were not missing a crib, we now have two and presumably someone else is missing one.

Though the surveillance video is rough, there are some uniquely distinguishing characteristics about the young ladies which will probably allow someone to identify them. Please call the Parish Office or the Rumson Police with information.



Carols at the Christmas Manger and Lighting of the Christmas Tree TONIGHT!

Join us at 7 PM for Holy Cross Annual Carols at the Creche and Christmas Tree Lighting. Our faithful collection of live animals, including a donkey for Mary to ride and Joseph to lead will be there, along with plenty of good cheer, carols and Christmas joy. The weather looks promising (at least it might not be as COLD as last year!)  and the spirit is right.

Look for a special view of the new church (if all things work out as planned...)


The Lost Sheep (one of them anyway)

Rumson police returned one of our lost lambs from the evidence locker at Police Headquarters. We hadn't seen this lamb for a while. This was part of the theft in the first of three lambnappings. In this 2005 caper, two sheep were stolen: this one was recovered from a mailbox in Middletown with two fractured back legs. It was successfully dusted for fingerprints and returned to us these many years later for possible repairs. 

The lamb taken from in front of the rectory in 2006 by a young girl who wrapped it in a garbage bag was never recovered, but was last seen headed toward Pond Road in Rumson.

Of two lambs most recently stolen in 2011, one had been returned within days of the original theft.

Oh, the pastoral challenges of tending a flock!


Little lost sheep on the mend

Blessed Christmas

Vatican Christmas Manger

Blessed Christmas to all parishioners and their families. 

Spirits were joyful and the masses were well attended. We thank all those who helped decorate our gymatorium for the liturgy and the choirs, both adult and children's for helping make the liturgies more festive.