Children's Choir

Help Fund the Music Program at Holy Cross Church


Our new digital organ is but one of the many steps we have taken to strengthen our music program at Holy Cross Church...all for the purpose of singing a joyful song to the Lord at our weekly masses and other liturgies.

The patient, skillful direction of our music director, Don Carolina, has begun to bear fruit by invigorating our adult choir and attracting a chorus of enthusiastic and youthful voices for our children’s choir.

The purchase of Worship hymnals will not only strengthen our musical repertoire, but the permanent binding of the new volume will both save money on paperback missalettes and indicate the importance of the hymnal at mass.

The new digital organ and sound system will be trouble-free, flexible and come equipped with recording and playback capability and a digital camera to monitor the gathering space during bridal processions and other liturgies.

We have retained the pipes from our old church organ, which will be incorporated into the voice of our new organ if finances permit.

Please help us reach our goal by subscribing to one or more hymnals and pledging a donation of any amount for the church organ.

Children's Choir

It was great seeing and hearing the Children's Choir back after a summer break. They have learned some new hymns and their membership has doubled! Let's hope more young girls and boys are encouraged to join them. Just call our Music Director, "Mr. Don" Carolina in the Parish Office for more information.

We hope the children's choir can make an important contribution to the musical voices not only at our weekend liturgies, but at the Dedication of the new church in January as well.


Bless the Foundation of Our Church O Lord And Keep Us Firm in Faith

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the blessing of our church foundations so joyful and proceed so smoothly. Don Carolina, our Music Director, and the Children's Choir, our ushers, sacristan and especially all those who came to lend their voices in prayer and song.

Sprinkles of rain had dampened the sand, but not the spirits of those who braved the descent into the church basement. The sun shone more brightly as the day went on. Our voices asking the prayers of the saints rose easily from the basement, we trust all the way to their ears and God's. 


The pillars of the faithful unite old and new.

Parishioners invoke the Litany of the Saints

The First Choir To Sing in the New Church

And Then All Was Quiet.


Hosanna Palm Sunday

Palm Procession 2013 009
Parishioners Gather at Sea Bright for Palm Procession

Palm Procession 2013 015
Father Gets the Bright Idea to Try and Climb "Mount Sandy"
Palm Procession 2013 023
Not Only Safe Uptop, But Beautiful. It doesn't get any better than this!

Palm Procession 2013 036
Proclamation of the Gospel and Blessing of the Palms
Palm Procession 2013 037
Parishioners Head for Rumson Led by Children's Choir
Palm Procession 2013 045
Heading to the Bridge Via Ocean Avenue
Palm Procession 2013 056
Safely in Rumson
Palm Procession 2013 078
We All Catch our Breath Before Processing Into Mass

Thank you to the Sea Bright and Rumson Police Department for keeping our procession safe, to the Children's Choir and their parents for braving the wind and temperature, to Don Carolina for his expert Musical Direction and to our parishioners and parish staff who facilitated the procession. Paul LaPlante took most of these great photos. God provided the beautiful sky!
Please join us for the liturgies of Holy Week, especially the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Thursday evening, Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday and the Easter Vigil Mass on Holy Saturday night.