Altar Servers

New Altar Servers In Training

Mrs. Kabash and Susan Symington are diligently working with those children who have volunteered to become Altar Servers to prepare them for this important parish ministry.

There's still plenty of room for new servers in grades 4 through 8 and including high school. Serving at the Lord's Table is an immense privilege and cannot but help bring one closer to Christ.


Triduum Altar Servers To Receive 3D Printed Models of New Church

3D printed model of Holy Cross Church

As a token of thanks for their service to the parish and the Lord during the Easter Triduum, the servers at any of these liturgies will receive a 3D printed model of the new church.

Father Manning designed the model from the architectural plans and printed them using the school's new 3D printer.

Our altar servers not only provide a valuable service to our community but serve as role models to our young people and Christian witnesses to everyone. Thank you.


Altar Servers Wanted!

Altar server-459x350
As we prepare to move into the new church, it's time to fortify the ranks of our altar servers. We appreciate the faithful service rendered to our Lord and our parishioners by  all our servers. 

With a new worship space and new procedures to learn, it seems a perfect time to enlist as many of our young people who are willing to serve the Lord.

Please remember we also have a Latin mass at Holy Cross and with a sanctuary larger than our chapel, it would be well to have at least two servers at each Latin mass. In these days when second languages are taught even in elementary school, Latin isn't that hard to master. No one's Latin needs to be perfect in the beginning, since it grows on you.

An online scheduling program makes it simply to switch masses or arrange for substitutes. Watch for flyers and forms via the Wednesday envelope, through Religious Education classes or soon here on the blog.