A Time to Build

St. Joseph Meeting Room In Lower Church

A new curved screen smart TV was installed in the meeting room in the lower level today. The system works great with our wifi and the enhanced OLED brings quality not only to color picture resolution, but also to slide shows and presentations.



Some of you may not have seen the windows from Holy Rosary Church illuminated. The cabinet and backlighting displays them in dignified style.


Chapel Ambo In Temporary Use

  RailingA new (different)  fabricator for the bronze handrail to be installed on the ambo has been chosen. We are informed that delivery will be six to eight weeks, too long a time for us to temporize any longer without a railing. 

So the ambo from the chapel has been pressed into service in the meantime for use by those who are not comfortable without the handrail. The sanctuary is a bit more crowded and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Altar Servers are asked to make accommodations. 

I don't have specific word on the timing of the bluestone step modifications. The installation of the Ward Avenue doors should be "late next week."


Punchlist Progress

  • The fence installers began work on the fence between the playground field and the church today. 
  • Holy Cross signed the contract with Merrick Construction to build the garden pergola.
  • The light diffusing panels in the thermal window (above the altar) have been installed.
  • All the concrete bollards at the bases of the path lights have been set to ground level.

Church Punchlist

Much work is still being done on the church.

  • You may have seen workers cutting down the concrete bollards for the lights to ground level.
  • Some electrical and plumbing work is still being finished. 
  • Delivery of the round window for the steeple on Ward Avenue was accepted.
  • Hardware and doors for Ward Avenue doors are on hand.
  • Sound system engineers have given us two sound settings: one for weekend masses and one for daily mass. If you have difficulty hearing clearly, please note where you were sitting and either jot me a note, or tell someone who can get a message. The settings are quite adjustable. On their next visit, technicians will install a remote tuner for the system so they can adjust settings over the internet. They will also install the system for the hearing impaired to use with headsets.
  • Plans have been finalized for the garden pergola and work should proceed when all materials are on hand.
  • The Holy Cross Shrine cross will be rebuilt and located in front of the old Ward Avenue entrance (in the hole which is now covered with a traffic cone).
  • The fence between the playground field and the church will be installed next week.
  • Progress on the handrail to the ambo and on the steps leading into the main entrance is still delayed. We are trying to expedite these things.
  • As you notice, the crosses are still not atop the steeple nor the gable facing the playground.  The crosses are repaired and gilded and waiting in the rectory garage. We are waiting too...

In Search of Mary And Angels

The two angels we have been waiting for to adorn the Ward Avenue elevation of the church are in U.S. Customs. They should arrive in the not too distant future once they are cleared to land!

We are still looking for the statue of Mary for the Prayer Garden which is somewhere between here and the workshop in which she was carved (China, not Italy). We'll keep you posted. Say a prayer she arrives before the month of Mary (October) is finished.



Sacred Heart Shrine and Confessionals

The carpenter was at work for the last couple of days and completed the installation of the two cabinet displays in the narthex and installed the interior doors/panels to the confessionals.


The sliding panel of the confessional is designed so that it can be slid away into the wall compartment if the penitent chooses "face-to-face" reconciliation.

The Holy Oils: Oil of the Sick, Oil of the Catechumens, Sacred Chrism
Our bronze donor memorial book will be affixed to the inner wall of the cabinet.

Holy Joyful Day

What a wonderful day for Holy Cross Parish as Bishop O'Connell dedicated our church and we gathered for Eucharist in the new church for the first time.

Please take or download a copy of the special bulletin for the Dedication which contains a brief history of the church project and information about each of the liturgical items in our church.

Bishop O'Connell incenses the statue of Mary as part of the Incensation Rite.

(Pictures to follow...I couldn't take pictures during the mass!)

Everything is Ready...Come To Feast

PencilThank you to Fr. Michael Hall, Director of Worship for the Diocese of Trenton for his reassuring way with our altar servers and liturgical ministers who gathered last evening in the new church for a final look at the Rite of Dedication of A Church before the real thing on Saturday afternoon.

Many tasks have been accomplished over the last few days and today is no exception. It's funny how such zeal to accomplish a goal can only be applied as a deadline looms near. 

Today and this evening is an important time to pray for the church and its people at Holy Cross. Even a quick prayer will sanctify the time it takes to remember and pray it:

We adore you O Christ and we praise you,

because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world.







Welcome parishioners and guests for this long anticipated and joyful day!

The Rite of Dedication and Mass begins at 

4 PM

in the church

A reception of light fare follows immediately

in the Parish Gymatorium


The main entry Church doors  will open at 3:45 PM.

Guests are invited to gather in the garden courtyard until then.



  • Barrier free parking spaces may be in high demand. There are four spaces in the courtyard behind the rectory, accessible by the driveway which runs between the church and the rectory. The doors on the north side of the church are barrier free.
  • Parking spaces near the entry ramp door are located in the driveway alongside the rectory lawn and along the street on Ward Avenue. These are the best spots for avoiding stairs.
  • Barrier free parking spaces are also designated in the main parking lot. Should the entry ramp be required, it can be accessed by taking the walkway through the garden past the Ward Avenue “old entrance” and around to the ramp on the north side of the church..
  • Those requiring extra time for seating can be accommodated early through the entry door adjacent to the handicapped accessible courtyard alongside the rectory.
  • Our donor memorial book will be on display but has not yet been inscribed with donor names. The memorial plaques will be in place under all the windows whose donors have completed their pledges. 
  • Nearly all the paver bricks have been installed in the prayer garden. Some of the more recently ordered bricks will be on view, but not yet installed in the path.