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April 2022

Rejuvenated Mary Statue

Thanks to the generous handicraft of a dedicated parishioner, the statue of Mary outside our chapel has been rejuvenated and restored. The old wooden shelf on which she rested had rotten causing the statue to fall and sustain extensive damage, especially to the head and hands. A secure concrete shelf was built and the damage to the statue was repaired and cleaned. She looks better than new and stands vigil astride the Chapel where the nuns prayed for many years. 


Palm Sunday Procession 2022


Thank you to all who turned out for our Palm Sunday Procession! It was a great showing. 

We certainly had the better part of the day - sunny skies, clear, albeit a bit windy and chilly. It was a good day to witness our faith, have some fun and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Christopher McCarrick Named Incoming Principal of Holy Cross Academy

McCarrickIt gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Christopher McCarrick as the incoming Principal of Holy Cross Academy. After an extensive search, Mr. McCarrick was endorsed by our Principal Search Committee, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools and the Director of Curriculum in the Diocese. Many of you already know Mr. McCarrick well from his current duties as Vice-Principal of Holy Cross Academy.

His enthusiasm, compassionate listening and energetic leadership has already been a blessing to us at Holy Cross and I am confident he can forge a leadership team to bring the Holy Cross school family into the future.

Please pray for him and lend him your full cooperation. I pledge my full support and the support of our parish community to his ministry at Holy Cross.

Fr. Michael Manning