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Blessing of the Instruments of the Passion Icons

Arma Blessing_Page_1Meditation of the Instruments of the Passion at Holy Cross (Arma Christi)

Suffering Savior, your passion, death and resurrection
Saved us from sin, freed us from death and gave us eternal life.
We praise you in thanksgiving.

30 pieces of silver was the price of betrayal
A lantern searched in darkness to spring a trap
Friends deserted you, their consciences pricked by the crow of a cock.
Lashes on a pillar the price of appeasing evil;
A crown of thorns for your sorrows.
No bowl or ewer could wash away the guilt of a coward.
The cross a work of the Romans armed with pincers and pliers.
A snapshot of your suffering left on Veronica’s veil.

Soldiers stripped you of your seamless garment
And rolled dice to claim it.

The death sentence, Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.
Nails pinned you to the cross, but love held you there.
False compassion offered through a sponge on a reed.
The Holy Grail held your precious blood
And the thrust of a lance ended your earthly suffering.
Even the sun and the moon lamented your death.
A ladder lowered you to the ground
But your resurrection raised you above all the earth.

Lord Jesus we revere these instruments of your passion
Because of their closeness to you
And their role in bringing your salvific love to fulfillment.
They witness to your great love for us
And for this we give you thanks.