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January 2022

Bridge Construction Begins...

Bridge Construction Finally Beginning

Crew swiftly removes trees lining Rumson Road on Thursday.

Rumson-road_water_house-option-1-rev4-scaledRendering of "new" bridge

Contact information and details on the construction work is available on the county website.
No construction or workers' vehicles are permitted at any time on church property as per instruction of the County project manager. Please inform us of any violations AND contact the construction manager using the county's contact information.
County officials and bridge construction managers have been very cooperative with Holy Cross and we anticipate that cooperation to continue. I am sure, however, we will welcome the completion of the project when that time comes!

Recent News on the project website:

Travel Advisory

NJ Catholic Bishops Urge Action to Avoid Last Minute Attempt to Broaden Abortions Rights

Urge Your Elected State Legislators to Oppose S49/A6260
Due to the New Jersey Legislature’s inability to advance S3030/A4848 the “Reproductive Freedom Act,” it is now attempting to hasten a replacement version of the bill - - S49/A6260 - - through the legislative process.  If passed, this bill would codify into state law an individual’s “fundamental” right to an abortion, including late-term abortions.

Although S49/A6260 is not called the “Reproductive Freedom Act (RFA),” it does include nearly all the provisions of RFA, including: 

  • Explicitly guaranteeing to every individual the right to reproductive autonomy, effectively declaring that children in the womb have no rights under New Jersey law.      This would allow for abortions at any time and for any reason, up until birth.
  • Allowing non-physician healthcare professionals to perform abortion services.
  • The potential to force New Jersey’s healthcare workers with moral, religious, or ethical objections to perform or participate in abortions. 
  • The prohibition of future enactment of laws and regulations that attempt to restrict abortions or do not conform with the provisions and purposes of S49/A6260. 

The New Jersey Catholic Conference expects the bill to be scheduled for a vote in both the Senate and General Assembly on Monday January 10, 2022, only four days after being introduced to the Senate for the first time on January 6, 2022.    

We urge you to contact your state elected officials immediately and ask them to vote NO on S49/A6260. 

Holy Cross Academy Launches Search for New Principal

StromslandManningHoly Cross Academy Announces Search for New Principal
To begin role in Fall 2022

Rumson, NJ—January 4, 2022 — Today, Fr. Michael Manning, Pastor of Holy Cross Church, announced the beginning of a search for a new principal to lead Holy Cross Academy in forming educated disciples of Christ for the next generations. He met with Dr. Fran Stromsland, Chairperson of the Committee, to discuss the qualities necessary for this challenging, but rewarding task, to begin academic year 2022-2023.
“I am excited to begin the process, by serving as chair for the committee, to search for our new school leader. This is a tremendous opportunity to find an individual who will grow Holy Cross Academy to be a model of excellence in Catholic education that is cutting edge and future focused for all,” said Dr. Stromsland, former Superintendent of Watchung Regional High School in Somerset County and now Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University.
Stromsland chairs a committee who together have decades of experience in Catholic and public education and bring varied professional backgrounds from education, administration and accounting. Fr. Manning was pleased to announce the willingness of such a qualified board to help in the search. “Several committee members also have a rich history with Holy Cross Academy and parish,” said Manning.
The academy’s present principal, Dr. Mark DeMareo, will complete his five-year tenure at the end of this academic year. He has not only helped lead the school during its transition to an academy, but also during the worst of COVID with one of the best in-person instruction days for students in all neighboring schools.
Holy Cross is a fully accredited parochial preK-8 school operated by Holy Cross Parish under the direction of the Diocese of Trenton. The school has been educating since 1941 and enrolls 220 students.