Bulletin January 16, 2022
Trees are Gone

Bridge Construction Begins...

Bridge Construction Finally Beginning

Crew swiftly removes trees lining Rumson Road on Thursday.

Rumson-road_water_house-option-1-rev4-scaledRendering of "new" bridge

Contact information and details on the construction work is available on the county website.
No construction or workers' vehicles are permitted at any time on church property as per instruction of the County project manager. Please inform us of any violations AND contact the construction manager using the county's contact information.
County officials and bridge construction managers have been very cooperative with Holy Cross and we anticipate that cooperation to continue. I am sure, however, we will welcome the completion of the project when that time comes!

Recent News on the project website: www.rumsonseabrightbridge.com/news

Travel Advisory https://www.rumsonseabrightbridge.com/travel-advisor