Bulletin April 18, 2021
Bulletin April 25, 2021

Spring Showers

Just before today's storm, I snapped a few pictures of the bloomers and survivors in the rectory garden.

Sadly, two large forsythia bushes were lost to forsythia gall disease, which I had never heard of until this season. I thought any plants which can grow so vigorously in Brooklyn would be invulnerable to disease. There's no practical treatment and experts don't even recommend planting new forsythia in the same place, since the disease may be present in the soil. I'll look for a replacement(s) after Mother's Day.

Forsythia gall disease


Also, a large Clematis paniculata bit the dust. I'm not sure what did it, although the load of snow and ice during winter storms may have broken the stems. There isn't even any new growth from the roots. This is the plant that has basically colonized the groundcover in the parking lot!

All the rugosa roses have done really well and are spreading and the various others look quite healthy too. The red and the yellow knockouts got a severe pruning but are budding vigorously.

I can never complain about the nepeta! It looks like all present and accounted for and then some. I have a white variety coming soon to try. 

I haven't been too successful with Lamb's Ear , but this small plant has multiplied over the fall and winter months. 


Tulipa tarda are interesting bulbs. They're only a few inches tall and open and close each day in bright sunlight. They closed up right before this afternoon's rain.


Not only are the narcissus bright and cheerful, but quite fragrant too, appearing a bit later than the daffodils, which are nearly spent.


The blue muscarii and yellow daffodils aren't quite in synchrony this year, but the color contrast is present nonetheless.