Bulletin April 11, 2021
Bulletin April 18, 2021

Quasi modo before Quasimodo

The First Sunday after Easter is now known as Divine Mercy Sunday, but in the Latin rite it was called Quasi Modo Sunday after the first two words of the opening prayer in the Latin Mass. Quasi modo or "similar to the manner of" newborn infants crying out for their mother's milk, as the prayer continues. 

Victor Hugo named the Hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo because he was discovered abandoned as an infant on the steps of Notre Dame Cathedral on Quasi Modo Sunday. 

We have become new creations in Christ yet still need to cry out for God's mercy and the sustenance of the Eucharist. Alleluia!

QuasiModoA mid nineteenth century painting showing the discovery of Quasimodo on the steps of Notre Dame.