Mini Bulletin October 25, 2020
Grandparents' Day Mass Photos 2020

Simulcast Gym Mass with Communion at 3:30 PM Christmas Eve Added

Simulcast Gym Mass 3:30 PM Christmas Eve

Additional seats have been added for the 3:30 PM Christmas Eve Mass, seemingly the most popular choice. Be aware that this is NOT an additional mass, but rather a live streamed event to the gym of the In Church 3:30 PM Mass. Holy Communion will be distributed in the gym and attendance in the gym counts as mass attendance. The bleachers will be closed; there can be no standing and the seats will be the usual folding chairs arranged in groups by ticketed reservations. The rest rooms will not be open. 

Tickets for the gym and the church are not interchangeable. Each location is subject to its own seating arrangements and attendance limits. 

If there looks like sufficient demand, we can consider adding additional simulcast Christmas Eve masses in the gym for the 2:00 PM or 5:30 PM, pending our capacity to sanitize the seats in the gym before each mass. 

To reserve seats in the gym, click on either the headline link above or here.