St. Monica and St. Augustine
Parish Mini Bulletin August 30

The Catholic Voter

The Catholic Voter
Political rhetoric isn't even yet in full swing, but it is surely heating up prior to the November general election. It is timely to remind ourselves about the limitations we have in place on political rhetoric in churches.
  • Covid restrictions already prohibit distributing any printed materials in or at church, but no distribution of various "Voter Guides" are permitted, including leafleting cars in the the church parking lot or at the doors of the church. 
  • No endorsement or condemnation of specific candidates for office or their political parties from the pulpit or on any parish website, bulletin, etc. is allowed.
  • Explanations of how to form a Catholic conscience and Catholic moral principles are obviously permitted. So is  highlighting certain principles at stake in the election as they impinge on Church moral teachings.
  • Non-partisan, non candidate promoting of voter registration and voting is permitted. 
There are many resources available from the US bishops and the NJ Catholic Conference to help Catholics form their consciences using Catholic principles. 
The United Catholic Conference of Bishops has issued an updated addendum to Faithful Citizenship.
New Jersey Catholic Conference of Bishops website for insight on issues of importance to faithful Catholic citizens.
A legalese document from the United States Conference of Catholic bishops explaining licit and illicit political activity by the Catholic Church, Political Activity and Guidelines for Lobbying by the Catholic Church.