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August 2020

Slow Recovery

SeasideStormSo much of Rumson looks to still be without power. The high winds certainly took their toll judging from the piles and piles of trees and vegetation alongside the borough's roads. Let us hope power is restored swiftly, especially to those who need it most.



Electric power, that is. Let us pray that electric power is restored to those parts of the nation and the region that have been left without it as a consequence of the storm. The power to the church went out twice, but was restored each time before long. The generators are certainly getting a test and workout. 


Social Distancing Reminders for Church Assembly

Please, please, please be responsible and considerate in observing the few, but important restrictions during limited public assemblies. We’ve had splendid cooperation from everyone since the very beginning of the lockdown. Last week, there was an isolated person or two not wearing masks properly and one row with two families sitting nearly adjacent to each other.

The important guidelines are:

  •               Proper wearing of face mask (covering nose and mouth)
  •               Social distancing inside and outside the church.

There are no medical or psychological exemptions from wearing masks. Nor are we being asked to make a personal statement about their need or effectiveness. Understanding that there are those who cannot wear a mask, if you cannot do so, please remain at home. Dispensations from attending mass are still in effect in the Diocese of Trenton.

We’ve divided the church into seating sections according to family groups, individuals and couples. Two families of three or more in one row are usually too close. Please follow the directions of the ushers in this regard.


It’s not our choice whether or not to enforce these regulations; they have been established by Bishop O’Connell in consultation with the governor.

Other things to remember:

The bishop has asked us not to have congregational singing for the time being.

Fr. Manning is honoring communion on the tongue for those who request it, but the diocese’s guidelines ask that the priest purify his fingers after each such communicant. So please come at the end of the line if that is your preference to avoid delaying the flow of communicants.

Please keep your receiving hand flattened as much as possible. This makes it easier to place the host in your palm without touching your hand. Please do not grab or snatch the host.