July 5th Bulletin
July 12 2020 Mini Bulletin

Windbags in the Bible


When they sow the wind,
they shall reap the whirlwind;
The stalk of grain that forms no ear
can yield no flour;
Even if it could,
strangers would swallow it.

    Hosea 8:7

This week our first readings are from the book of Hosea, the prophet and are filled with wonderful imagery to help Hosea drive his point home that Israel needs to return to the Lord. I chuckled when yesterday's verses reminded me of the old expression "windbag" to describe the loquacious, airy rhetoric in which the people were placing so much stock. 

There are a lot of windbags blowing around in today's climate. Let us pray for the discernment to detect who is full of hot air and whose words bear weight and authority. The Sacred Scripture is a great place to start.