July 12 2020 Mini Bulletin
Pergola Confessions

Traffic Alert Day

Wow, traffic has been backed up on Ward Avenue since before 9:00 AM!



This the worst I've seen in many years from my perch at Holy Cross Church. Several years ago, we had cancelled summertime noon masses since the traffic was already building by then, making it impossible for Baptism families to arrive on time for baptisms after mass. Now, traffic has begun to interfere with our main Sunday worship schedule. We'll be adding a 5 PM mass in a few weeks which might help people get to mass without undue traffic. 

It's shouldn't come as a surprise that unbridled development in Sea Bright after Sandy without any concomitant improvement in roads or significant increase in parking capacity has led to this problem. Perhaps communities that adjoin Sea Bright can cooperate with them in alleviating the traffic flow problem. The dimensions of the problem have clearly overflowed into other communities.