May 31 Mini Bulletin
What A Beautiful Outdoor Pentecost Mass!

Some Great News!

Holy Cross, with the permission of Bishop O’Connell

will begin offering

9:00 AM indoor mass Monday-Friday (beginning Monday, June 8th)

Limited to 25 persons.


10:30 AM indoor mass on Sundays (beginning June 14th)

Limited to 213 congregational seating; 40 cry room/narthex standing

This is wonderful news indeed. There are many local adaptations allowed within a set of general parameters. The obligation to attend mass is still suspended. Stay at home if sick, vulnerable or wary of contagion. Live stream masses will continue.

  • The faithful are requested to wear face masks in and about the church at all times.
  • 6 feet apart social distancing outside and indoors in every-other pew and on communion line. Groups who live together may sit together without social distancing from each other. Distance from others should be maintained.
  • No gathering outdoors around the doors of the church or in the parking lot after mass
  • No physical contact at Sign of Peace
  • Communion in hand is preferred.
  • Priests will wear masks when distributing Eucharist.

We will have an automatic electronic counter at the door to enumerate visitors. Those exceeding capacity will be asked to attend mass outside the church via speakers or in the gathering space. Only one door for entrance; all doors may be used for exit.

There can be no hymnals or bulletins in the church. No choir or congregational singing.

Restrooms will be closed.

Collection baskets will be located at the doors of the church.

We will begin with one Sunday mass and assess the need for additional Sunday and/or Saturday evening masses as time goes by.

Our parish staff will gather to discuss implementing the guidelines for infant Baptism, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Matrimony and Funerals. Discussions will need to take place regarding First Holy Communions and Confirmations so these sacraments can be celebrated before July. These were not included in the guidelines from the bishop.

The Sunday evening Latin mass will not resume until we can assess how many Saturday/Sunday masses may be needed.

Combinations of outdoor and indoor masses are allowed as are live streaming masses. We will likely experiment as we discover how many people will begin to attend mass again.