Mass Schedule as of 5/26
Maybe, Definitely, If

Pentecost Sunday, Any Word from Governor Murphy?

PhoneWe await word from the governor or the bishop on the fate of Pentecost Sunday Masses. No word yet. Friday has been a typical day for recent episcopal updates on church regulations and who can sit through hours of the governor's daily updates with no news? The new regulations regarding school graduations were not released as promised and when available, one had to be an internet sleuth to find them.

I suspect any announcement tomorrow will likely not take effect on Pentecost due to what will be called the elaborate planning needed to be in compliance with whatever the new regulations are. Seriously.

There's a perverse symmetry for the entire Paschal Mystery this year to be banned from churches.

So, mass on Sunday as scheduled, 10:30 AM outdoor, in car mass with communion as cars leave the parking lot. Park every other space; no one to leave cars. Roll windows down for sound; stop engines please.

Still we rejoice in the Eucharist and await an infusion of enthusiasm from the Holy Spirit!  Come, Holy Spirit, Come!