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May 17 Mini Bulletin

Car Masses?

ParkingLotThe bishop has given permission for parishes to hold "car masses" in accord with the governor's new guidelines. We'll have to study the regulations to see how we could best implement these.

The biggest challenge is the sound system/audio system for hearing the mass. Some are suggesting FM radio, even though the word on the web seems to be AM radio for its longer range and less finicky nature. Audio sound systems are also possible and we do have a set of speakers we have used for the Living Rosary. These wouldn't have to be placed near the altar, but could be located strategically among the cars. 

Communion would be distributed auto by auto on the way out of the parking lot. They have suggested one person on either side of the car distribute Eucharist. 

Another sanctioned method is to have a live streaming mass inside the church, followed by distribution of communion when cars in attendance leave the parking lot. This sounds easier, since people could pray the mass on cell phones without the worries of a temperamental outdoor sound system. 

If cars are parked in every other space, the windows could be rolled down. If not, the windows are supposed to remain closed.

Of course, just about every kind of reasonably priced FM or AM transmitter are out of stock on the internet. I had investigated this a few weeks ago when I though this might be coming, but hoped there would be more sane alternatives using sacred space. Such is life.

The earliest we would get to a weekend mass would be NEXT weekend, but we'll let everyone know by mid-week (hopefully).

Too bad there's not a drive in movie theater closer than Vineland! Perhaps we could rent the facility during the day-time. Not for the screen, but the parking and sound system!

Suggestions are welcomed, 


Parking Lot Mass Survey and Suggestions


Keep in mind, at this point no regularly scheduled confessions have been allowed by the bishop.