Divine Mercy Sunday Mini Bulletin
DIY Streaming Setup

Zoom ?

Bishop O'Connell has reported one parish's recent distasteful experience with the video streaming platform "Zoom."

The videoconferencing app “Zoom” has become the most popular videoconferencing platform, especially during the pandemic shut down.

Its popularity has resulted in more extensive scrutiny of its privacy and data-sharing policies. Despite “Zoom’s” assurances, intruders have been hacking and crashing meetings and classes held over “Zoom” and infiltrating them with offensive and pornographic content. This happened today in one of our parishes during a live-steamed Sunday Mass using “Zoom,” when racist statements and pornographic images —- a experience labeled “Zoombombing” —- appeared on family television screens during the Gloria. That parish had actually paid “Zoom” to guarantee privacy as a “closed meeting!”

“Zoom” is being selected as the platform of choice because it is very easy to use and is without cost or, at least, cheap to use. Again, despite its assertions, “Zoom” has been cited for selling user data and other content obtained from its users. Platform content becomes the property of “Zoom Video Communications, Inc.” with privacy and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and has been reported to have been violated.

In addition, “Zoom” is on record as a promoter and supporter of Planned Parenthood and supports abortion rights. Its CEO Eric Yuan Is reported to have spoken out with blatant disregard for human life if it is not “useful.”

“Zoom” users (business, schools, parishes, chanceries and dioceses, etc.) are being informed (Business Insider, NYTimes, CNN, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Reporter) about these concerns and some have stopped employing its services, among them US governmental agencies, NY City School District, Elon Musk’s Company Space X, Diocese of Gallup, etc