Saturday March 28th
Update From Diocesan Catholic Cemeteries

Sunday Update March 29th

My brothers and sisters, the Lord be with you!

It would be really a blessing to say that to you in person, circumstances are changing nearly every day.

Adoration hours will continue in church, which remains open during the day and evening hours for private prayers. Please remember to keep safe social distancing when entering and leaving the church and when choosing a pew. 

Last night I set up a camera for recording the Adoration and a private Latin Mass. I'm reviewing the recordings to examine their quality, size and feasibility for streaming and will likely be experimenting with that in the coming days. Likely they will be rough at first, but with your feedback I can work on improving them. Apparently we're not supposed to put recorded liturgies online, but that may be simply for the Easter triduum, I'm not sure. Doing recordings would be MUCH simpler than live-streaming.

Let us pray for our health and safety through the intercession of Mary, St. Michael and the 14 Holy Helpers,

Fr. Manning