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Diocese of Trenton Updates 3/16/2020

Go And Wash in the River Jordan

MEE05174In this morning's First Reading we hear about Naaman's cure by Elisha the Prophet with the relatively simple instruction to wash in the Jordan River seven times. Naaman felt slighted, expecting the cure would be far more elaborate for someone as important as himself. He was given a sense of perspective by his advisors, “if the prophet had told you to do something extraordinary, would you not have done it?" He washed in the Jordan and was cured.

We're often willing to do dramatic things rather than the simple and life-sustaining ones. Perhaps we ignore simple advice like "wash your hands," and prefer elaborate isolation precautions, spending huge amounts of money on food and supply-shopping sprees. We conjecture those politicians who love us most will be willing to spend the most money, and the most drastic public health measures show the most authentic concern. It is well not to lose perspective. 

The church provides the most basic guidance for a life-giving Lent: pray, fast, give alms. It sounds so ordinary we may have stopped listening and worse, stopped performing these simple, life-saving actions. Lent is a time to refocus and repent. Let's not waste the opportunity.