Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 3/17/2020 - 3/19/2020
Worship at Holy Cross Church - Wednesday 3/18/2020

Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers

The Altar of the Fourteen Holy Helpers in Bavaria, Germany. It depicts 14 saints who had become intercessors for pilgrims during the Black Death in Europe. The ornate altar is surrounded by equally opulent rococo style architecture. 

The fourteen saints are:

  • Agathius (or Acacius) (May 8), martyr, invoked against headache
  • Barbara (December 4), virgin and martyr, invoked against fever and sudden death
  • Blaise (also Blase and Blasius) (February 3), bishop and martyr, invoked against illness of the throat
  • Catherine of Alexandria (November 25), virgin and martyr, invoked against sudden death
  • Christopher (Christophorus) (July 25), martyr, invoked against bubonic plague
  • Cyriacus (Cyriac) (August 8), deacon and martyr, invoked against temptation on the death-bed
  • Denis (Dionysius) (October 9), bishop and martyr, invoked against headache
  • Erasmus (Elmo) (June 2), bishop and martyr, invoked against intestinal ailments
  • Eustachius (Eustace, Eustathius) (September 20), martyr, invoked against family discord
  • George (April 23), soldier-martyr, for the health of domestic animals
  • Giles (Aegidius) (September 1), hermit and abbot, invoked against plague, for a good confession
  • Margaret of Antioch (July 20), virgin and martyr, invoked in childbirth
  • Pantaleon (July 27), bishop and martyr, for physicians
  • Vitus (June 15), martyr, invoked against epilepsy