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Poll: St. Michael the Archangel Prayer

There is a new poll available on our webpage: 15 second yes/no answer to whether we should say the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel after all the weekend masses at Holy Cross.

As you know, the prayer was composed and added to the "old Latin mass" by Pope St. Leo XIII after he had a personal revelation about the need for the church to be protected against the power of Satan. This so-called Leonine Exorcism prayer was added to the prayers at the end of the Latin mass along with three Hail Mary's, The Hail Holy Queen, a prayer to God for assistance for his church and three aspirations to the Sacred Heart. The mass after Vatican II did away with these prayers.

The pope has asked the laity to say the St. Michael prayer and pray the rosary more frequently and to ask God's protection against Satin, especially since the recent revelations of the ongoing abuse crisis. Bishop O'Connell has asked us to consider praying it after masses.

The advantages are obvious and the need is great. Critics have warned against the multiplication of prayers at mass (e.g. we remember the Renew Prayer and others added by the bishop after mass.) They cite past history as evidence that the number of such prayers will proliferate. Others have observed the lack of effective action by church leaders since the pope made the request and criticized the pope's request as hypocritical and a distraction.

What do you think we should do?

St. Michael Prayer Survey

Survey as of 9/1, N=78

Yes 85%
No 15%