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St. Peter Eymard

Sculpture of Peter Eymard by Auguste Rodin

St. Peter Eymard founded two religious congregations dedicated to the adoration of the Eucharist and deepening our devotion to the Eucharist.

His instructions for how to make a holy hour can be very helpful to modern minds who like recipes or steps to follow and for introducing a more comprehensive prayer to entire holy hour. He suggests the hour should be roughly divided into equal portions of:





Propitiation might be the most unfamiliar term on the list, but it means expressing sorrow not only our own sins, but the countless indignities and insults to which the Blessed Sacrament and the Body of Christ is subjected around the world, the coldness of so many prayers and the abandonment of the Eucharistic presence in so many tabernacles around the world. Since our prayers and sorrow are inevitably insufficient, it also involves offering the gift of the Eucharist in ultimate propitiation. 

Peter Eymard's essays and homilies are good antidotes for a too casual attitude toward the Eucharist.