Saint Dominic, Learning and Faith

Eighteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time


This is the tallest public storage facility built by this company and is located in the Bronx, New York. It stands 12 stories tall and boasts 4,000 units. Ironically, some of the apartment buildings the Bronx is famous for can be seen dotting the horizon, bearing a striking resemblance to the proud new structure.

I can’t help but thinking of these modern storage units whenever Jesus tells the parable of the rich property owner who has so much, he must build someplace else to house his goods. Despite expert advice that renting one or more of these units is always bad economics, people still do it - mostly because they can’t bear to part with “their stuff.”

It’s not simply greed or economic insecurity that drives such motives, it’s refusal to accept the reason Jesus gives for the rich man’s blindness - refusal to admit we don’t get to take our stuff  with us on our final trip, nor guarantee  anyone else will treat it as a treasure.