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Summer Heat and Electric Power

0037-0505-3017-2458Well, so far one brief power outage this morning already at around 11:30 AM. Power is back on and we already have the air conditioning cranked for an afternoon wedding Saturday and our 5 PM Vigil Mass. Our church is very well insulated, but the large square surface of windows conduct heat from outside (don't touch them in sunshine!) so the air conditioning works a bit harder to compensate. On the other hand, we enjoy the warming effects of sunshine during the winter, so heating bills are lower.

Please be careful during the heat. Stay home if you have a medical condition making you susceptible to heat exhaustion. Should the power go out again and our air conditioning goes down, we'll do the best we can, but we may have to cancel mass. Holding it outdoors isn't even a reasonable alternative!

Hopefully, see you later today!

P.S. There isn't even a lot of beach traffic on Ward Avenue!