The Just and the Unjust
And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

St. Romuald

Shutterstock_618441725Saint Romuald was a hermit at heart who developed a style of living for monks who sought more solitude than typically afforded by the existing monastic communities.

A unique blend of "living alone with others," his Camaldolese monasteries are composed of monks living in individual, small "rooms" gathered around a communal chapel and refectory. 

Unlike the "cells" in other monasteries, they are not typically located under one roof as, for example, a dormitory, but each has its own small garden enclosed from the others. 

The monks take meals on solemn feasts together, but otherwise eat alone, coming into contact with other monks during the course of any assigned work they share in common. 

They are a potent sign of a needed balance between solitude and community for our own culture and for individual Catholics pursuing a closer prayer relationship with God.