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No Change for the English Version of the "Our Father" For Now

Bloch-SermonOnTheMountThe secular news media has given a lot of recent attention to the pope's approval of changes to the wording of the "Our Father" and the "Gloria." The verse the pope and others found problematic was "and lead us not into temptation" changed in the Italian to "do not abandon us to temptation."

Trenton's Diocesan Office of Worship points out that the changes are approved for the Italian missal texts and that although the same changes had  been approved for the translation of the New American Bible (2002), the texts used at Mass in English speaking countries remain unchanged for now.

The entire text of the Our Father requires catechesis for proper understanding, so personally I have a bit of trouble understanding what all the fuss is about. Does God either abandon us or tempt us?


St. Norbert

StnorbertHand carved statue of St. Norbert from St. Norbert Abbey in Wisconsin

St. Norbert as a young man sought ecclesiastical office for personal gain and enrichment. A conversion experience gave him, as today's opening collect said "the heart of Jesus Christ" and he began to work tirelessly to reform the clergy and sanctify the church.

May St. Norbert's spirit give all of us, especially our bishops and pope, the heart of Jesus Christ today.

St. Boniface

BONIFACESt. Boniface would not be accused of political correctness today, since as part of his apostolic mission to European pagans he chopped down the Tree of Thor, a sacred object of worship by the pagans.

His courage and zeal for spreading the faith without equivocation led to his ambush and martyrdom by a hostile crowd. Stories and legends about his life are a good balance to the doublespeak of public discourse these days.


St. Kevin of Glendalough


The Irish Monk St. Kevin founded a monastery at Glendalough, pictured in the first photo. The famous tower, whose exact function is not certain, is pictured in the background of the church and cemetery. His statue depicts a famous episode from his life when a bird landed on his arms outstretched in prayer and laid an egg. Kevin reportedly kept praying in that position until the egg hatched.