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Saint Vincent Ferrer

I did a bit of reminiscing today, since St. Vincent Ferrer in Brooklyn  was my home parish growing up and the grammar school I attended. In searching for an image of St. Vincent, I discovered that my old parish has two great photos on their webpage.

StAs I recall, the mosaic is mounted above the main door to the "new school" which was opened in 1967.

St Vincent was a Dominican priest who preached during a turbulent time in the Church when there were three claimants to the papacy and the church was still trying to reconcile the Great Schism with the Eastern churches. None of the controversy diminished his apostolic zeal and he converted great numbers of people and gained a reputation for being a healer and miracle worker.


Moses Intercedes For His People


In the first reading today, Moses intercedes on behalf of the Israelites that they be spared from God's wrath for crafting and worshiping the Golden Calf. God relents and forgives them.

We have a far more compassionate and effective intercessor for us now - Jesus Christ. Lent is the perfect time to identify the idols we may have placed before God, turn away from them and seek forgiveness - especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Rustic Beach Cross

You never know what you'll find on the beach. I was being invigorated by the cold offshore winds yesterday and examining the elements exposed by the low tides and erosion from the winter. Most of the remains of a bulkhead were just random pieces of rusted iron, but one piece piqued my curiosity: a cross which reminded me of the kind Isaac Joques showed the Indians (at least what the editors of my grammar school history book thought the cross looked like!). I decided to clean it off, lift it up and say a prayer.

Find the Two Vizlas!