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Holy Cross School Becomes Holy Cross Academy

Fr. Manning and Dr. DeMareo with the permission of Bishop O'Connell announced today that Holy Cross School will become Holy Cross Academy!  The faculty were informed at a meeting this afternoon at the same time a notification letter was sent to the parents via email.

The name change signifies innovative curricular changes and strategic planning for the next generations along with continued emphasis on Catholic character formation. The school will continue to be owned and operated by Holy Cross parish and an integral part of the Diocese of Trenton school system. Watch for future announcements!


The Bishop of Rome Should Live In...Rome!

St. Catherine of Sienna, a Doctor of the Church, advocated that the papacy should return to Rome from its palace in Avignon and its control by the French aristocracy. So the move back to Rome was much more than a symbolic gesture, but rather a return to the primacy of Peter and the roots of the church's martyrdom. The papacy should always be free from undue worldly political influence and the independent nature of the Vatican City State helps reinforce that capacity.



The Real Presence in the Eucharist

Paschasius-RadbertusSt. Radbertus, an abbot in the 8th century during the time of the Carolingian dynasty, wrote the first known treatise on the presence of  Christ in the Eucharist. After further development, the essential part of his thought was to become official church teaching. The Eucharist is not a mere symbol of Christ's presence, but truly Christ present with us. 

Leap and Dance For Joy

The joy of the resurrection is celebrated in the Octave of Easter and the daily mass readings echo the gladness with which the good news spread throughout the land. The beggar's healing in this morning's First Reading from Acts of the Apostles described him jumping and leaping for joy at his good fortune. The good news should cause us to jump for joy inside and out.


Altar Reredos for Closed Triptych Doors

The artist study depicts the Tree of Life bearing the fruit of the 12 Apostles. It emphasizes our heritage as Holy Cross since our Tree of Life is the Cross of Christ and our history of displaying the Twelve Apostles on the altar reredos. 

Brochures with more details are available at the church, in the Parish Office and soon online. Donations can be made in the name of a loved one and the artist can even fashion one of the apostles to resemble someone in your family tree (with beard of course!)



Mass of the Lord's Supper - Holy Thursday

The Season of Lent ends tonight at the beginning of the Mass of the Lord's Supper which marks the beginning of the most sacred time on the Christian calendar, The Triduum. The three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday Vigil Mass commemorate the suffering, dying and rising of Christ in one continuous liturgy celebrated over the course of these three blessed days. Join us this evening for the Mass of the Lord's Supper.


Spy Wednesday


Wednesday of Holy Week has sometimes been called Spy Wednesday, taking it's theme from today's gospel wherein Judas puts his plan of betrayal into action.

It was a perfect day for Holy Cross School Mass and our children rounded out this school session with prayer and communion. Thank you to our student readers who proclaimed the Scripture with dignity and grace!

The Unction of Christ

The unction, or anointing of Christ, a painting by Maria Stankova depicts the scene from this morning's gospel from John. 

Mary is shown anointing Jesus' feet (for burial) with sweet smelling anointment and drying his feet with her hair, such was her great love for Jesus and her reverence for his message.

It is a wonderful image with which to begin Holy Week.

Unction of Christ by Maria Stankova

Palm Sunday Procession 2019


TwoIt was really quite foggy at the ocean this morning, but at least for a moment or two, the sun burned off the haze and we were able to process across the bridge from Seabright to Rumson in the sunshine. Since Easter is late this year, it wasn't freezing cold as it has been in the past. 

This was our biggest crowd of parishioners ever! I thank you all for coming out to witness our faith in public on the joyful feast of Palm Sunday. 


Three Men In The Fiery Furnace

Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego were spared from the fiery furnace by the LORD. They had been cast into the flames for not worshiping Babylonian gods and enraged the king for their stubborn refusal to comply even under the threat of death.

Their deliverance from the flames earned them a pardon from the king and choice appointments at court. 

The depiction of this miracle appears early in Christian art, including in the Roman catacombs. This mosaic is a 20th century in Westminster Cathedral. 


Because You Are Worth It

Most of our 8th graders attended a conference this morning given by Pam Stenzel about the Catholic virtue of chastity. A timely and necessary topic for any age, but especially now when so many of our values are disregarded by so many. Some of our students are shown after the conference asking the presenter questions and giving feedback.

The conference was hosted by the Diocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. 


The Truth

Shutterstock_697631326Today's readings emphasize the importance of truth telling, since the testimony of two witnesses was enough to establish the truthfulness of statements made under Jewish law. Susanna's accusers were both lying, yet the truth was uncovered through important inconsistencies in their statements. 

Jesus' accusers wanted him to establish his identity as Messiah with a second witness, disallowing the proof from the many miraculous signs he was working and Jesus' allusion to support from His Father. In fact, His claims to be one with the Father only added to their rage and finalized their decision to execute Him for blasphemy.

Let us ask for the courage to tell the truth, strength to resist cooperating with those who lie and for the truth of Christ to rule our lives.