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Solemnity of the Annunciation

Divine Mercy Sunday


Wonderfully today we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday

Wonderful because the church wants us to consider the first fruits of Christ’s Resurrection Victory over sin and death to be mercy, not retribution or punishment

The powers of this world don’t usually offer mercy as the first order of business after an unequivocal victory. It’s payback. World history is scarred with the retaliatory behavior of victors toward the defeated: Emperors and empresses,kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers, generals and their armies, dictators, newly hired CEO’s, team owners, winners in civil lawsuits. The first impulse of the rulers of this world is not generally mercy, even though all their victories are only temporary and partial.

Jesus victory over death is permanent and a victory in which we share by our baptisms and by striving to follow Him. That’s the great joy of Easter and the reason Divine Mercy follows on Divine Victory.

Let’s not be Mercy hogs - pleading for and receiving God's mercy, but offering little of it to others. The insight that God is the source of all mercy, even the mercy we extend to each other, can help us hand the mercy on instead of holding it tightly.

God's mercy is more like swimming in an ocean or bathing in rays of sunlight, than going to the market for a transaction. There is a universe full of mercy. No need to hoard it, or hold it too tightly.