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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Religious, visionary, stigmatist - on the path for sainthood after a temporary suspension due to conclusions that some of her writings dictated and translated were embellished by the translator many years after her death. Her cause for sainthood is proceeding on the merits of her life, since her writings will not be considered as proof of sanctity at St. Pope John Paul II's instructions. Her writings came to light in modern times partly due to the influence they had on Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ. 

The official church position on the authoritative nature of private revelations has always been reserved and skeptical and doesn't promulgate private revelations dogmatically.

Receiving the stigmata is a relatively uncommon phenomenon and seems to occur in some who have a great devotion to the passion of Christ. St. Francis of Assisi and in modern times, St. "Padre" Pio also received the wounds of Christ in their bodies. 

Such saints remind us that sanctity isn't always so simple and that there are more things in heaven and on earth than we understand.