Saint Ita of Kileedy
Saint Anthony of Egypt

Saint Fursey

Yesterday we remarked about the important effect St. Ita had on the church as an educator, one of her pupils being St. Brendan the Navigator. Today, a student of Brendan the Navigator is on the church's calendar of saints, St. Fursey.

So our window with Ita and Brendan introduces us to St. Fursey, one of the first missionaries to the Angles and the Saxons and an important founder of monasteries in Ireland as well. Fursey was reportedly gifted with visions of heaven and hell which he wrote down, long before Dante.

Let us continue the ripple effect through which the faith has been handed on to us and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be vehicles of God's grace and mercy in the world.

SaintfurseySaint Fursey with a monk