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To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

Saint John of Capistrano

JohnOfCapistsranoSt. John of Capistrano, the "soldier saint," whose preaching and personal leadership in battle is credited with helping repel the Turkish invaders of Hungary after the fall of Constantinople is shown here with conquering IHS Banner. Despite his 70 years, he rallied for the battle only to succumb to infection in the weeks following the victory.

Having made a successful career of law and politics, he became a Franciscan friar, lead an austere life-style and preached a message of repentance and piety across Europe.

The Franciscan Mission in San Juan of Capistrano in Southern California was named in his honor by St. Junipero Serra and is the only existing location in the United States still standing where Serra prayed the mass. Besides its historic value as an early missionary settlement, it had become popularized by the annual return of the swallows on St. Joseph's day. Recent years had seen a decline in their numbers until a vigorous program was begun to recruit their return - an interesting cooperation between solid science and serious prayer.