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Saint Onesiphorus

Modified from Wikipedia
Manuscript Showing Sosthenes, Apollo, Cephas, Tychicus, Epaphroditus, Cæsar and Onesiphorus.

Since Onesiphorus was named by St. Paul in Scripture, you'd think he'd be familiar to more people. When we realize that Onesiphorus was thanked by Paul, not only for embracing the faith, but for being loyal and helpful to Paul imprisoned in Rome, we have an example of true friendship for all ages.

He was apparently a convert to the faith in Ephesus and by one tradition was one of the seventy disciples sent out by Jesus two-by-two. Not only was he helpful to Paul at Ephesus, but traveled to Rome and tracked him down in prison in order to visit. 

Onesiporus was martyred for the Christian faith.

May his witness to Christ and his fidelity to Paul even when it was unpopular be an inspiration for us all today.