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Good King Wenceslas Looked Out On the Feast of Stephen


Wenceslas and His Page


...As the lyrics to the well-known Christmas carol go. He saw a poor man gathering firewood and asked his page who the man was. The page identified the man and the king (actually Duke Wenceslas) determined to set out and bring the man food and drink on the First Day of Christmas. 

The storm intensified as the king and the page set out toward the man's dwelling and the page lost heart. The king encouraged him to follow in his footsteps without looking into the wind and he regained spirit for the difficult journey.

Today we celebrate Wenceslas' feast day, who was eventually assassinated by a pagan brother in a struggle for the throne.








St. Lorenzo Ruiz and companions were a group of Christian missionaries canonized by St. Pope John Paul II for their martyrdom under the Towogawa

St. Lorenzo Ruiz at Shrine in Nagasaki, Japan

Shogunate in Japan during the 17th century. Ruiz, a Filipino catechist, is the protomartyr of the Phillipines and their national patron saint.