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July 2017

Art, Film, Faith and Prayer

ImageImage Journal is always an interesting collection of prose, poetry and art, but the summer issue deals with film, specifically life changing, meaningful film

It's not specifically Christian, so there are the usual articles against hierarchical and organized religion, but these are occasional and can usually be avoided easily should the reader choose. 

In the summer film issue, notable writers and directors give their recommendations for must-see films of faith. Even reading the story lines of the recommended movies gives much food for thought.






For Christian reviews and recommendations, check out Josh Larsen's Movies are Prayers or visit a website he edits, Think Christian . Larsen's reviews are insightful and in the spirit of mainstream Christian thinking.

Life, Marriage, Religious Liberty Are Threatened

Ctp-2-350x250The US Bishops have re-issued a call to American Catholics to pray and fast on Fridays for the protection of all human life, religious liberty and the dignity of marriage and the sacrament of matrimony.

One suggestion is to abstain from eating meat on Fridays (just like the olden days). 

Holy Hours, rosaries and specific times for family prayer, e.g. around the shared table are other worthy suggestions. 

Visit their website for other suggestions: 


Bishops Call To Prayer for Life Marriage and Religious Liberty

Organ Pipes and Cabinets

There will be some construction work going on in the choir loft next Monday and Tuesday. The cabinet maker will be here to install the organ pipes and their new cabinet against the back wall in the choir loft. 

The work should only take two days, but will add to the finished look of the church and hide the relatively unsightly organ speakers flanking the Holy Cross Window.

 Pipe Cabinets

Not The Best Weather For New Plantings, but They're Still Beautiful


The evergreens will eventually completely hide the playground fence. The boxwoods near the entrance stairs were not doing well and have been removed. They will be replaced with a more hardy variety. 

We'll take care to be sure these plants are watered thoroughly every day until established. Happily, the sprinklers are functioning well and should provide backup.


Holy Cross Gardens

I missed the first Springtime blooms, but here are some early summer blooms which are still going strong. It is good to see many of the perennials planted in the new areas around the church take root and get going. 

Oak Leaf and Big Leaf Hydrangeas by the Carriage House


Heather at the foot of the cross survived the winter and is growing


Monarda, Lavender, Liriope, Boxwood and shades of green


Nearly florescent daylillies. Ours don't even last a day because we have solitary nighttime deer which visits for dessert.


The clematis vines at the foot of the pergola have finally begun to climb!


"Five Spots" from the Rectory Garden.


Some Russian sage


Monarda and Phenomal Lavender around the fountain


Autumn sedum and lavender in interesting analogous colors.
Oregano flower


Oregano and Lavender


Marigolds and Lavender in complementary colors. VanGogh would be proud!

Join In A Holy Hour This "First Thursday" 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Join us for all or part of the Holy Hour on this coming Thursday, the vigil of First Friday. Since Jesus' Gethsemane prayer, this is a day of prayer for reparation and mercy and watchful waiting with our Lord. 

It will be a quiet hour of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for those who choose to wait and watch with the Lord.

6:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Patriotic Hymns Sing-Along

We tried something different after the 10:30 AM mass last Sunday. Parishioners love singing patriotic hymns and several are in our hymnal. Even if one is selected for the recessional hymn on a patriotic holiday weekend, that leaves a few favorites unsung. So, after America the Beautiful as a recessional hymn, most parishioners stayed on to sing the entire repertoire of patriotic hymns in our hymnal!

Before the mass, we prayed the Prayer For Religious Liberty from the USCCB. We have a lot to be thankful for and as much to be vigilant about on this national celebration of freedom.