The Statues in Darkness Have Seen A Great Light
Patriotic Hymns Sing-Along

The Night Shall Become Like Day


Front Steps

The newly modified lights are really burning brightly!

The two stairway lanterns have been modified from their candelabra configuration to a regular bulb base and now can accommodate many different kinds of bulbs with much higher lumen output and much longer life.

The addition of the suspended lantern light above the door, not only makes the door visible (which had been hidden in the dark) but throws extra illumination on the top steps and landing - a much needed improvement.

These LED bulbs can still be adjusted upward for greater lumen output if necessary. We might work on the temperature of the bulbs to get a more natural look, but the lighting bollards for the landscape are the same white temperature, so for now we'll see how they work. As of now, only the 7 PM Latin Mass goers have to cope with any darkness.

Thanks for your patience while we tried other solutions until this could finally be accomplished.