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Faure's Requiem - April 2nd at 3:00 PM At Holy Cross Church

Blessing of Throats Tomorrow Morning During And After the 9 AM Mass

BlaseThe blessing of throats on the feast of St. Blase with two candles has a long tradition in the church.

It comes one day after the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord at which candles for sacramental use in the church have been blessed in honor of Jesus Christ, The Light of the World.

One tradition about Blase's life is that after his ministry of healing, he retreated to a cave to live and a local woman brought him two candles to dispel the darkness in the cave.

His reputation as a healer was widespread, especially for disorders of the throat. 

A sacramental blessing of the church for protection from diseases of the throat and illness of every kind is done on this day with crossed candles.